Niños Héroes #1211, Centro Histórico, Mazatlan, Mexico Tel: 136-0024
Exhibiting local and International Artists

Luna is the only Contemporary Art Gallery in Mazatlan’s Centro Historico that deals exclusively in Fine Art. Housed in a newly renovated historic building in the heart of Old Town, Luna showcases paintings, prints, drawings and sculpture by local and international artists: a collective that encircles abstract to realism.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Glen Rogers solo exhibition at Luna

Connecting with Spirit of Place - Paintings and Prints

The source of all things. The beginning of life. The primal mark.


Featuring works highlighted in my upcoming book about Sacred Sites I have visited and the work that was created in the studio as a result of my inspiration.  

Inspired by Alhambra Palace, Spain.

For the past 20 years or so, I’ve taken my inspiration from archetypal symbols and sacred sites around the world, continually drawing from a universal visual language. I’ve followed in the footsteps of these early cultures by drawing from nature’s purest forms, such as the spiral, the circle and the crescent, whose cyclical shapes suggest renewal and regeneration. I am honored to have had the opportunity to walk these ancient lands imbued with the spirit of our ancestors. I feel that these same symbols, whether inscribed on ancient stones or painted on my 21st Century canvas, can connect us as humans, connect us to nature and give hope and inspiration to future generations. As I begin a work of art inspired by this imagery, scratching the surface of the plate or layering colors of paint, I feel connected to those who have come before me.

Visiting ancient sacred sites continues to be a personal and spiritual journey for me, and I enter each one with reverence and anticipationI’ve visited Neolithic temples and stone circles, caves from the Paleolithic era, pyramids throughout Mexico and places in the wild held sacred by those who have lived there for generations. Once there, I seek out a spot where I can connect with the spirit of place, whether it’s by just sitting, a meditation, a yoga pose or tai chi. On more than one occasion, synchronicity was at work, helping me to gain entrance where there was no possibility, or finding alone-space in a major tourist attraction. In times when I felt threatened as a woman traveling alone, I was given the image, “In Her Hands, as a mantra and reassurance that I was on the right path.  

Inspired by Mitla, Oaxaca

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Drawings: Line & Form

The December exhibition at Luna Gallery is all about drawings featuring works in charcoal, pencil, oil pastel and ink by Cynthia Handel, Yolanda Lopez, Wendy Leon, Elina Chauvet, Claudia Gallardo, Rafael Avila Tirado, Manuel Carlock, Glen Rogers, Lucila Santiago, Carlos Z and a few pieces from my collection by Dave Kempken and Victor Bagno.

Most every artwork begins with a quick sketch on paper, but drawing can also be an end in itself. Pencil, paper, charcoal, and ink are the original artist tools allowing spontaneity, raw energy, or refined detail. Come enjoy these engaging works by local and guest artists.  
Carlos Z., "Ballena"

Claudia Gallardo, "Femeniedad 1"

Cynthia Handel, "Black Line Energy: Abstract"

Glen Rogers, "Seedling"

Glen Rogers, "Sweet Water"

Dave Kempken

Carlos Z., "Mujer Desnuda 2"

Elina Chauvet, "Equilibrio"

Wendy Leon, "Huellas en la Arena"

Rafael Avila Tirado

Manuel Carlock, "Animal Vinyl"

Yolanda Lopez, "November by the Sea"

Lucila Santiago, "VSC"

We had a great opening for Drawings: Line and Form on Wednesday December 4, 6 – 8pm. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Luna Gallery opens the 2013 Season with 'Perspectives'

Local Musicians help set the mood for the Opening of the Season.

Perpectives is a group exhibition showing new work by Luna’s favorite artists in Mazatlán.  Of the 7 artists, Rafael Avila Tirado, Manuel Carlock, David Robb, Nan Robb, Glen Rogers, Lucila Santiago, and Carlos Z., each has their own highly developed style, their own vision of the world. This world view from each artist comes through in their paintings, prints and drawings and is unique in its own right.  What each artist chooses to paint says a lot about their attitude and approach to life. Whether with wry humor as in the work of David Robb, work that delves into the spiritual realm from Glen Rogers, or the street smarts from urban artist Carlos Z. – each artist definitely has their own perspective.

Manuel Carlock, Glen Rogers, & Carlos Z. - artists in the show.
Left -  Manuel Carlock, Middle & Right - Rafael Avila Tirado

Left wall: Rafael Avila Tirado, Right Wall: Glen Rogers
Glen Rogers & Diana Ruiz

Lucila Santiago, monotype and 2 paintings
Carlos Z.
David Robb

Nan Robb - monotypes

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Art in Small Packages" December Exhibition

 An exhibition featuring Rafael Avila Tirado, Lucila Santiago, David Robb, Nan Robb, Glen Rogers, Katherine Levin Lau, Carlos Z, Larry Poole, Kathleen Pittman and works from the collection.
Paintings, prints, and mixed media in small format.

First Anniversary Exhibition at Luna

Claudia Gallardo with her painting

David Robb's paintings

Nan Robb's monotypes

Karen von Felten's paintings
Paintings by Lucila Santiago

Glen Rogers' paintings
Rafael Avila's woodcut print
Monotypes by Lucila Santiago (L) and Katherine Levin Lau (R)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Luna Gallery reopens after a long hot summer

Join us in Celebrating our First Anniversary at Luna Gallery with a group exhibition of paintings and prints.
Help us jump start the Cultural Season in Mazatlan. Come by for a glass of wine and enjoy the art.